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How To Cut a Watermelon in 6 Easy Steps

My friend shared this brilliant idea with me, so I thought I’d share it with you all here.  It’s made cutting and eating watermelon so much less of a chore!

Step 1_C

1. Start with half a watermelon.

Step 2_B

2. Cut all four sides to make a sort of squarish shape.

Step 3_B

3. Carefully trim the top off the square.

Step 4_B

4. Trim the corners.

Step 5_B

(Corners are trimmed.)

Step 6_B

5. Make vertical slices.

Step 7_B

6. Then make horizontal slices.

Step 8_B

And voila! You have perfect three-bite watermelon “sticks.” If you want cubes, simply make one or two more cuts.

For any extra watermelon left on the trimmings, I like to take a spoon and shave the extras into a bowl.  There’s always someone around who is happy to eat a little snack!