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Lotion Bars & Lip Balms

Homemade lotion bars are a great alternative to chemical-containing lotions on the market.  This recipe works wonderfully as a lip balm, too.  I’ve had people tell me that it’s the only thing that works for their eczema, rosacea, baby’s diaper rash cream, or cracked, bleeding lips!


I like to use equal parts beeswax and shea butter, then about 1.5 parts coconut oil.  Adjust the ratios to make it how you like.  If you want to make a whipped body butter, increase the oil content and whip with your stand mixer until light and fluffy.


  1. Melt everything gently using a double boiler and stir frequently.
  2. Remove from heat, then add essential oils of your choice.  I use about 30 drops for one batch.  (If I want to do different scents, I will add the oils to the molds about half way through adding the mixture, stir, then finish filling.)
  3. Pour into the molds or containers.
  4. Let them cool on the counter or refrigerator.

Lip Balm_B

A few notes:

  • These lotion bars work wonderfully as diaper cream OR natural sunscreen!  Just add a little non-nano zinc oxide and some extra oil (experiment with different kinds – like jojoba oil) when you’re melting everything so that it’s more spreadable.

If you want a more “whipped” lotion, you can try adjusting the ratios.  Try increasing the coconut oil or add some olive oil.  Then whip it up just like you would make whipped cream!

Lotoin Bar_B


How To Cut a Watermelon in 6 Easy Steps

My friend shared this brilliant idea with me, so I thought I’d share it with you all here.  It’s made cutting and eating watermelon so much less of a chore!

Step 1_C

1. Start with half a watermelon.

Step 2_B

2. Cut all four sides to make a sort of squarish shape.

Step 3_B

3. Carefully trim the top off the square.

Step 4_B

4. Trim the corners.

Step 5_B

(Corners are trimmed.)

Step 6_B

5. Make vertical slices.

Step 7_B

6. Then make horizontal slices.

Step 8_B

And voila! You have perfect three-bite watermelon “sticks.” If you want cubes, simply make one or two more cuts.

For any extra watermelon left on the trimmings, I like to take a spoon and shave the extras into a bowl.  There’s always someone around who is happy to eat a little snack!