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Ways to Get More Protein and Fat

Despite the misinformation of the 90’s, fat doesn’t make us fat.  In fact, the right kinds of fat help with inflammation, heart health, hunger cravings, and weight loss.  Cholesterol, from pastured egg yolks for example, is actually essential for the production of healthy cell membranes, reproductive and adrenal (stress) hormone levels, vitamin D, and bile acids.

Here are some ways to increase your intake of fat and protein:

Bacon and animal fats like butter, ghee, lard, tallow from healthy animals.  Think pastured animals fed healthy diets, not feed lot meat or chickens crammed in cages eating a diet of GMO corn.  Check your local farmer’s market for pastured beef, pork, chicken and more.  There is also U.S. Wellness Meats:

Avocados and Avocado Oil

Coconut oil – cook with it, bake with it, make coconut oil treats (with chocolate or lemon and lime) eat it off a spoon, add it to coffee or tea (using a blender or stick blender helps).  I even use it as lotion and lip balm.

Here are 115 real food recipes (all using coconut oil) from Delicious Obsessions to get you started:


Bulletproof Coffee – Butter or Coconut oil – be sure to blend it well!

, if you’re not on the AutoImmune Paleo Protocol.

Protein powders:

Make sure you’re using a protein powder that is minimally processed and don’t over-use them!

Gelatin – PURE protein (GREAT for hair, skin, nails – this one dissolves in hot liquids, then gels up as it cools, like Jell-O):

Collagen – PURE protein (GREAT for hair, skin, nails – this one dissolves in hot or cold liquids):

WHEY ISOLATE POWDERS: Personally, I’m not as big a fan of these as I am of gelatin and collagen, but once in a while, I drink grass-fed whey protein.

Confused about whey concentrate vs. whey isolate?  Read here:

Grass-fed whey choices:

(This is a great article on the benefits of whey:

Stronger, Faster, Healthier brand whey.  This is Mary’s favorite.  It’s minimally processed from A2 milk – no antibiotics, soy, GMOs, sugar, soy lecithin, or gluten


Tera’s Whey:

Bullet Proof Upgraded Whey:

Jay Robb:


Goat’s milk whey and casein with probiotics:

Egg White Protein Powder:

Plant based Choices:

Protein Bars:

Following AutoImmune Paleo?  Try this:

Fat bombs – a great way to increase your fat intake, can really help with cravings:

ARTICLES on Fat and Protein: