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Crock Pot Carnitas by Popular Paleo (A Review)

I would say this Crock Pot Carnitas recipe by Popular Paleo was a major success!  My picky less adventurous eater said, “Mom, dinner is delicious.  I could eat three hundred thousand million bowls.”

The recipe was easy to make.  And I like easy!  My pint-sized sous chef really enjoyed helping me juice the oranges and lime.

photo 4_2.jpg_B

My only complaint is how much broth is called for.  The meat was cooking in a soup, basically!  Aside from the waste, it didn’t affect the flavor at all.  In the future, if I can cut back some without compromising the recipe, I will.
photo 2_2.jpg_B

I served it with sour cream (we’re not Paleo).  We were out of avocado or I would have topped it with that.  I had a small dish of leftover black bean salad so I ate that with mine.  Delicious!  Sorry, I didn’t stop to take a photo of it. 😉