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Bug Spray

I’ve seen this recipe literally send ticks running! That’s important to be as a person with Lyme.
In 4 oz. witch hazel, I put 15 drops each rose geranium, lemon balm or citronella, and tea tree essential oil.  I’ve also been known to add in some Thieves oil, too.  Who doesn’t love the scent of Thieves?  Ticks.  😉
Some say you have to apply it more often than commercial sprays, but I remember being that you can mix some oil in with it which keeps it on your skin longer, although I haven’t tried that.

I do use it on my kids. I’m comfortable with these oils for kids, but of course feel free to do research if that’s something you’re concerned about.

This is the bottle I use and I got mine through Frontier.
And I buy my essential oils here.  It’s a company I trust and love.
My Lyme doctor recommends Permetherin spray (locally, they sell it at Wal-Mart – the only place I’ve seen it) which you spray on your clothing and let it “set.” It’s really good for hunting clothes and work clothes. It’s not a spray for skin.