I’m sure you’ve heard the news about meat and how it’s cancer-causing.  My thoughts?  Meat in and of itself is no more cancer causing than it has ever been.  What IS cancer-causing is how they’re raising these animals and all the junk they’re putting in the meat these days, both before the animals are slaughtered and when the meat is processed.

Growing up, my dad bought a few beef cows every year.  He raised them on hay, baled by our family from alfalfa he grew.  (My most special memories growing up were of driving that tractor!)

I remember the first time I had filet mignon from what was the best local steak restaurant in our city.  I wondered what was wrong with it!  It was nowhere near as good as my dad’s beef.

So here’s what I think:

  1. Let’s stay away from feedlot meat, especially ones that are processed with nitrates and fillers.
  2. Let’s buy meat from healthy, happy, pastured animals and let’s buy it from farmers we know and trust, especially local farmers which supports our local economies.  These farmers will make sure these animals are treated humanely, including when they’re slaughtered.
  3. Let’s eat more vegetables.  Meat is great.  We need it.  But we don’t always have to eat these huge hunks of meat.  Meat can be a flavoring.
  4. Let’s use the whole animal.  Nose to tail.  It doesn’t make sense to waste the gift of that life God has given to us for our use.

I DO think cancer is scary.  I’m not making light of it.  I have lost a large number of loved ones to cancer, and even more who’ve had it and beat it.  But to vilify meat as God intended it to be when we need to be concerned about the toxins in our food, water, beauty products, the affects of the birth control pill on our breasts, even how bras can contribute to cancer. . . it just doesn’t make sense to me to vilify meat.

I’m including a list of resources for valuable information about vegetarianism and/or veganism, plus some info about soy, that are worth considering as you make decisions about your health.

On that note, I’d like to share this recipe with you by Jenny of Nourished Kitchen for how to make lunch meat.  Fun!

“Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever; and take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow.” ~ St. Augustine


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