Healthier Treats

I took the photo above of an old-timey mural painted on the side of a brick building in our city’s historical district.  It made me laugh out loud.  I thought it was appropriate for this post. 🙂

Sometimes, a girl just needs a treat!  Years ago, I would have grabbed a Diet Coke and some Reese’s Cups and then felt like crud afterwards.

photo (4).jpg_B

These are two healthier options that I indulge in: Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Synergy Drinks GT’s Organic Kombucha.

While Justin’s aren’t something I will eat too often because of the cane sugar, when I do I relish every bite and don’t feel guilty!

Since kombucha is loaded with B vitamins and probiotics, especially S. Boulardii, I don’t exactly consider it a treat.  But buying the bottled stuff is a treat because of the delicious flavors and the cost.  We make our own at home which saves a lot of money.  And although we’ve gotten pretty good at flavoring batches, it’s fun to try new flavors to get ideas.  So sometimes I’ll buy a bottle when I’m out shopping.


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