Paper Bead Crafting Photo Tutorial

I first heard of paper bead crafting a few years ago from Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries.  I forgot about it until I came across the craft again on Pinterest after I acquired a few boxes of old National Geographics.  My daughter and I really enjoyed crafting them on a snowy weekend!  I thought I’d post a photo tutorial here for those who are interested.

 Pick out your paper – a page from a magazine, a glossy advertisement, or even scrapbook paper.

Using a ruler or straight-edge, draw lines on the back of your paper.  Here, I chose 1/2 inch lines.  The lines should be diagonal so that you end up cutting triangles.  There are a number of shapes and sizes you can cut to make different beads.  There are lots of free templates online you can use for cutting; I started out with this one, but found that it was easier to just do it with the ruler and no template.

IMG_20150228_193842Strips are cut.

IMG_20150228_194229Finished strips. IMG_20150228_194252Starting to roll.

You can use a variety of tools to wrap your beads (or use none at all if you don’t mind variation in the size), but the most inexpensive is a toothpick or wooden skewer.  A chopstick adds a funky shape, if you’re into that.

I also tried using white school glue (like Elmer’s) + water, but don’t care for the messiness, plus with magazine paper it gets pretty soggy.  I do like it better for heavy weight paper like scrap book paper, but I still prefer glue stick for that.

 Start rolling!

IMG_20150228_194351Keep it centered.

IMG_20150228_194544Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’.  Keep those doggies rollin’!

IMG_20150228_194549Getting close.  Here I add a dab of glue stick on the end of the paper.

IMG_20150228_194722 Then finish off.

IMG_20150228_194746Here’s my very inexpensive drying rack.  It’s a piece of foam with tooth picks.  Easy peasy!

Later on I realized that the clear nail polish eats away at the foam, so I moved the toothpicks to the outside edge of the foam circle and stuck them in at an angle (see photo further down).
An old Altoid tin makes a great storage case!  The cord in the tin is leather cord in a pewter color from Hobby Lobby. Another great organization tool is small, plastic zip-top bags.
More Photos:

IMG_20150302_141717 IMG_20150301_162148 IMG_20150301_162114 IMG_20150228_202423 IMG_20150228_202130 IMG_20150228_194945


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